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Welcome to my "Selfie Sessions" Page.


The cover songs that I have recorded on this page were initially created as a personal challenge and purely for fun to keep me sane during the UK's 2021 pandemic "lock-down".
I enjoyed the challenge of learning & recording the songs as well as the following editing of the videos so much that I decided to continue making the videos after the "lock-down" eased.

I chose songs that I personally love and wanted to have a crack at recording.  They are not something I take too seriously for a professional level!

The main rules of my personal challenge:

I decided to set myself the task of learning and recording (to the best of my ability) all the instrument & parts to an original artists/bands song. Some I decided to add my own touches too to make them more personal.

These recordings are not intended to be a perfect replica of the original track by any means. I decided that part of the challenge would be to see if I could just record each element of the song in as least amount of takes as possible (ideally one take throughout) without any overdubbing etc. if possible.

Just to Clarify (especially for the below information on the videos as it may not seem clear from my wording):

"1 Take" does not mean that only 1 attempt of the recording was made or that the 1st Attempt was an instant success. In this sense it actually means that several attempts were probably made but only the best full take that was achieved in one whole take of the recording was then used in the video.

If 2 Takes are listed then that would mean that I couldn't quite achieve the recording fully all the way through in 1 whole take/attempt and subsequently 2 (or more takes) were then edited together (audio and corresponding video) to complete a half decent recording for the final edit.

If you've kept reading so far then I hope you enjoy my videos! :-)

Thanks for watching! :-)


Original Artist: "Stereophonics"


Here's my first ever attempt at a "Selfie Session" and one of my favourite Stereophonics tunes.

  • Drums: 1 Take

  • Bass: 1 Take

  • Rhythm Electric: 1 Take

  • Lead Guitar Middle Left: 1 Take

  • Lead Guitar Middle Right: 1 Take

  • Lead Guitar Top Left: 1 Take

  • Lead Guitar Top Right: 1 Take

  • Verses Vocal: 1 Take

  • Chrous Vocal: 1 Take

Fortunately Dakota was a very easy track to get down in one full Take!! Phew!!! :-O

One Week

Original Artist: "Barenaked Ladies"


Here's my second attempt at my "Selfie Session" challenge. Although probably not that well played on UK radios, this is one of my all-time favourite tunes from the 1990’s.


I decided to play around with the arrangement of this song more than the previous track/video I made (Dakota), and have added some creative license in places on this to make it a little different compared to the original artists recording.

It certainly was a challenge but fun to play!

Hope you enjoy! 

  • Drums: 1 Take

  • Bass: 3 Takes (Best Sections Taken)

  • Rhythm Acoustic Guitar: 1 Take

  • Rhythm Electric Guitar (Middle Left): 1 Take

  • Lead Guitar Top Left: Several Takes - Various parts

  • Verse Vocal: 1 Take

  • Rap Vocal: 1 Take

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